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In addition to NetQ Standard‘s modules, NetQ BPO provides an additional one:

  • Business Process Orchestration
  • This can be tremendously useful for organizations, from bringing additional efficiency and clarity in NetQ’s domain, all the way to providing an enterprise BPM solution, extended well beyond the scope of NetQ into other functional areas and/or departments.

    In fact, virtually all business processes cut through functional areas – especially true for Telecommunications business processes, which are regarded as some of the most complex across industries. If an organization requires sophisticated business processes, extensive automation and the ability to monitor and adjust business processes in near real time, then it is worthwhile requesting a demo of NetQ BPO.

    Benefits of NetQ BPO

    In addition to NetQ Standard’s benefits, NetQ BPO provides the following:

    • Highly visual point-and-click BPM interface
    • Ability to monitor business process execution and identify issues (e.g. stalls), as well as make changes in near-real-time to improve the processes
    • Ability to manage multiple versions of workflows, especially useful in rapidly changing environments
    • Support for collaboration, resulting in increased efficiency and clarity within NetQ’s domain
    • A solid enterprise BPM solution


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