Software Governance and Optimization

Businesses spend millions of hours designing, building and supporting critical enterprise software applications.  IT departments are expected to deliver results on time, within budget and on value, regardless of dealing with adverse circumstances such as staff turnover or geographically distributed teams.

Through the continuous application of hundreds of industry leading practices rules, we can assist with establishing a quality perimeter baseline for maintaining legacy applications and developing new ones.  We believe in rigor and consistency – key ingredients for building and sustaining an adaptable and agile business.

SAP is currently our primary focus.  Similar solutions for Java and .Net will be announced soon.

Assess the overall health and performance of your source code by measuring the overall quality of your asset, and its alignment with your corporate best practices. Easily determine what you should keep, rebuild, or refactor – i.e. classify all programs according to your corporate quality standards.

Identify, analyze and troubleshoot complex Java, ABAP and .NET apps for quality, performance, stability, security and reliability issues through automated and continuous code quality monitoring. Reduce maintenance costs through early identification of quality issues.

With the powerful yet simple Custom Dashboard Builder, you have a centralized view of your software quality that can be organized in personal dashboards for the different stakeholders in your company.