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Hawkeye Monitor – “Govern”

This tool sits at the center of SAP Software Quality Governance Platform, continuously monitoring all ABAP code to identify potentially system crashing software errors and automatically enforce that any delivered code is consistent with pre-defined rules and as problem-free as possible.

In other words, it constantly monitors the “pulse” of your SAP code – during realization, sustainment and bug fixing activities.

Continuous Code Monitoring

Powered by the leading static code analysis engine, Hawkeye Monitor makes it incredibly easily to help the development team – particularly useful for organizations with geographically distributed teams or relying on systems integrators with offshore presence.

It helps reduce the technical debt from new software projects, and assist the development teams with learning and applying leading practices.

Code-Level Diagnostics

Offers a view into the health of the entire application portfolio on a customizable dashboard for all your custom software. With access to the object and line numbers of the ABAP source code, the tool provides clear details on what items require immediate intervention.


Enables organizations to quickly analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving ABAP codebase. It is easily scalable to set up a quality perimeter on whatever the code base might be, wherever in your environment it may exist.


Helps reduce maintenance and troubleshooting costs by easily uncovering hard-to-spot defects in custom code during development. Finding these defects during development is thousands of times less costly and disruptive then during QA or worse, after the move to production.

Custom Dashboards

Powerful yet simple Custom Dashboard Builder, providing a centralized view of software quality that can be organized in personal dashboards for the different stakeholders in your organization.

Improve Developer Knowledge and Understanding

Delivers accurate and relevant results enabling developers to scan their code more frequently and efficiently regardless of the size and complexity of the code base.  Development teams can take immediate action on coding issues, reducing the risks to application software and to your business. With our online help, developers have access to specific documentation.

Actionable Reporting

Powerful, customizable dashboards provide detailed metrics on the health of the software asset. Dashboards on coding practices, documentation, design, and test quality are continuously monitored and updated. No need to wait for a “final code review” before QA, since an accurate status of all development activities is constantly available.

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