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Hawkeye Assessment – “Understand

Software is more critical to business operations than ever before, so knowing the health of software applications is fundamental to business’ success. Hawkeye Assessment ensures true visibility into application code by running deep diagnostics of the organization’s current and legacy code bases.

This tool exposes all potential landmines in application custom code.  Our assessment combines quantitative metrics with qualitative analysis to characterize code maintainability and alignment with business goals.

Full Health Assessment

Quickly scans SAP environments and offers Management a fast, objective assessment of the ‘quality’ state of the existing applications. It delivers the information needed to identify the root cause of software risk and complexity and provides the visibility to remediate any possible weaknesses, preventing technical debt and business disruption.

Continuous Application Monitoring

Objectively baselines the quality, size, risk and complexity of distributed applications as an input to Hawkeye Monitor, through which Management tracks portfolio risks, costs and improvement over time.

Actionable Reporting

Identifies applications that drive maintenance cost and provides metrics and trending to measures changes in quality. Clear descriptions of defects are provided, alongside the severity and effort required to fix them, so the development team can quickly prioritize and plan remediation activities.

Technical Analysis 

Comprehensive automatically generated reports provide insights into the state of selected IT application portfolios, covering code quality, size, complexity, technical debt, application maintenance effort and much more.

Custom Dashboards

Powerful yet simple custom dashboard builder that provides a consolidated view of software quality – which can also be organized in personal dashboards for different stakeholders and needs.

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