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Hawkeye APOD – “Optimize”

Provides ABAP programmers with a powerful find-and-fix-it tool designed to detect and help eliminate defects in the code as it is written.

Programmers are engaged in the process of applying leading practices in their daily work and team leads are assured of a consistent level of code quality across their teams without resorting to time-consuming (and therefore costly) technical code reviews.

Code Quality Self-Management

Fully integrated with Hawkeye Monitor source code analysis tool. Used by each programmer as needed to perform automated reviews of their individual code contribution. A programmer using APOD follows the same rules used in Hawkeye Monitor, so code is always in compliance with pre-defined guidelines and leading practices knowledge base.

Boost Productivity

Involves each ABAP programmer in the code quality assurance process by allowing them to easily check their code as it is being developed. Programmers are empowered to monitor and remediate their individual contribution quickly, resulting in greater productivity by avoiding rework later in the development cycle.

Accelerated Learning Curve

Helps programmers learn how to write better code by showing them where the issues are and how to fix them. Because programmers are able to understand how to fix errors by referring to context-specific quick reference help links, they are able enhance their own skill set and deliver increasingly higher quality code.

Seamless Integration into the Existing Development Workflow

Built to fit seamlessly into the programmers’ workflow, APOD nurtures code quality self-management adoption by encouraging developers to ensure they are compliant with pre-defined guidelines and accepted leading practices.  Developers are expected to deliver higher quality code over time.

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