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SAP Software Quality Governance Platform

Leading organizations use our software SAP quality monitoring and governance tools to eliminate potential system crashing code defects, allowing them to maximize their software quality and guarantee that all development meets accepted standard coding policies and leading practices. One can assess one’s legacy code, plan the remediation, and enforce continuous monitoring for preventive purposes.

Our platform provides all the tools needed to get early visibility into quality and risks during the development cycle, providing an objective framework for decision-making.

Key Benefits

  • Realize greater SAP application performance and stability
  • Insulate the business against fluctuations in vendor and development team quality
  • Accelerate development team competence while reducing training costs
  • Lower the cost of application maintenance

Developed fully in the ABAP Workbench, the suite delivers the following technical capabilities:

SAP SW Governance - Technology

Gain Wide Visibility and Control

  • Provide continuous monitoring and management of all code in development for geographically distributed teams and suppliers
  • Enable continual and objective assessment of the structural quality of applications being delivered to the organization
  • Offer Management strong visibility early in the development cycle across in-house and outsourced teams and software supply chain partners

 Produce Higher Quality Code

  • Enable developers to test their code against the organization’s corporate guidelines and leading practices
  • Improve developers’ skills by enabling them to identify and eliminate their own coding flaws

 Cost Savings

  • Save time to market and costs, while improving customer satisfaction (whether the customer is internal or external)
  • Fix critical code  defects while it is still in development, when it is least costly to do so
  • Ensure good development practices that result in components and frameworks that can be reused, thereby reducing rework and improving delivery times
  • Lower application maintenance costs hrough automated and continuous structural quality improvement

 Seamless Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to ensure development testing adoption by developers and managers
  • Scale to test the largest codebases across geographic locations and multiple teams
  • Provide a centralized and consistent performance measurement framework for evaluating development teams and projects

 Reduces Mean-Time-to-Resolution

  • Display code-level diagnostic data when needed
  • Deliver results quickly to the developer to ensure code defects are fixed right away
  • Create closer collaboration between development and operations teams


  • Offer the best fit for agile environments, as a true enterprise solution, given that it enables analysis of all major technology stacks
  • Analyze the most extreme custom code

 Deep Insight

  • Offer Management much needed visibility across their internal and external supply chain
  • Trigger alerts based on actual baseline performance, not manual SLAs
  • Provide actionable insights at the code and application level


  • Automatically enforce compliance and governance as needed and/or practical
  • Help eliminate security risks by helping developers build quality code
  • Control risks across internal development teams, offshore resources and across the supply chain

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