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 Maps Suite for Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence applications provide an effective analytical tool that can generate revealing patterns and perform complex statistical functions and proximity searches presenting results on a map. This visual representation of data can be very useful for organizations to better understand their customers and prospects and build stronger relationships with them.

Linxoft leverages MapInfo and Google Maps location intelligence platforms and data products to enable you to make smarter decisions by building scenarios and themes to evaluate your enterprise data more efficiently. For example, one can evaluate customers and prospects by any demographic point, including age, population, income, neighborhood, sites or properties, industry, and much more.

Linxoft is a Pitney Bowes software partner and has integrated its solutions with the MapInfo technologies helping organizations in the telecommunications, insurance, tourism, and financial services verticals make smarter decisions, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Sophisticated and Modern

The strength of the custom mapping applications we provide lies in its highly sophisticated location intelligence technology. Our solutions are based on MapInfo MapXtreme .NET and Google mapping technologies designed to allow for viewing and analyzing the enterprise and demographic data in support of mission critical decision-making process.

These solutions can be easily and quickly integrated with any enterprise solution such as ERP, CRM, or SCM using XML services to enable rapid visual profiling of the most valuable asset: customer data.

Any Industry

There is a need for location intelligence in just about any industry. Our maps can be applied against a variety of use cases, such as:


Manage risk exposure using geocoding technologies and determine such risks as property in fire risk zones by layering policyholder information with other known risk factors for special queries, risk maps and local demographics configurations.


With the importance of geography high on the list of demands, provide spatial analysis and cartographic visualization for new services, network revenue, planning and site rollout, customer support and case management, coverage gaps, visualization and distribution solutions.

Financial Services

Provide a wide variety of metrics at the branch, regional and national level for analyzing competition, identifying new market opportunities, reviewing the performance of financial products and examining trends in client demographics.

Real Estate

Map property locations to allow users to leverage every piece of data available to accelerate effective planning, aid in development decisions and help buyers find the ideal home in the ideal location.

In an industry where location is a prime mover, decide on locations for new outlets, map out the perfect warehouse distribution and even identify potential customers with demographics tied to current store locations.

Public Safety

Give public safety officials the ability to access, discover, and analyze important relevant location and geographical information in the field.