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PNMsoft Sequence™ is an intelligent workflow software which enables your company to automate and control its business processes. PNMsoft Sequence™ provides superior control over rapid changes, using unique HotChange® technology. Gartner recognizes Sequence as an iBPMS (Intelligent BPM Suite) – the leading Microsoft-based BPMS in this class.

PNMsoft Sequence™ is a web-based, enterprise-level workflow software which both suits mid-sized businesses and can scale up for organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. We offer a range of deployment options for PNMsoft Sequence™: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. Sequence users can complete tasks via PC or mobile device.

PNMsoft Sequence enables your organization to:

  • Design automated, human-centric workflows to replace manual procedures
  • Run workflows in a central end-user interface
  • Provide data visibility and establish management control over processes
  • Continually optimize and improve processes
  • Manage multiple versions of workflows in a constantly changing business environment
  • Access processes via PC and all mobile devices
  • Rapidly integrate workflows with Microsoft products



Creating Business Processes Applications Quickly

Jun 8, 2014: A guided tour of new features in PNMsoft Sequence SP7, including Analytics and SharePoint integration: Webinar (51 minutes) 

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