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PNMsoft Sequence CRM Edition (SCE) is a unique Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based BPM software that enables you to design advanced CRM workflows in an intuitive visual interface. SCE includes powerful CRM horizontal and vertical solutions for a wide range of industries.

Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool on its own right, but with PNMsoft SCE, it can become the central hub of your business, enabling you to:

  • Create and manage complex CRM workflows.
  • Integrate CRM with ERP, SharePoint and other systems.
  • Extend CRM workflows to non-CRM users.
  • Reach out to customers via Web Forms.

Support: PNMsoft SCE supports Dynamics CRM 4.0/2011/2013 Online and On-Premise versions.

Main Features:

  • Visual Workflow Design
  • A solution you can import into CRM
  • Business processes users manage
  • Integration with ERP and SharePoint
  • Task Management and Queuing
  • Advanced Sales & Marketing workflows
  • Customer on-boarding workflows
  • Customer Service workflows
  • Mobile Workflow Operation
  • Case Management

SCE Vertical Solutions include:
Utilities, Engineering and Manufacturing.

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Dynamics CRM and PNMsoft SCE complement each other’s feature sets, resulting in a strong Case Management suite: Webinar (46 minutes)