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CRM with Enterprise Workflow (ewCRM)

This software product is meant for organizations that are starting their CRM journey.  The following are included:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – latest edition (on-premise or in the could)
  • Sequence SCE
  • Five business processes developed by Linxoft based on client requirements

Linxoft is also able to support all application and data integration activities under a separate professional services contract.

Main Features

Same as the features outlined for Sequence SCE, combined with the features of the specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM release under consideration (depends on customer’s choice).

 Quickly assess how your company would benefit from adding an Intelligent BPM workflow solution to its Dynamics CRM. In only 30 seconds, you will have an idea of potential ROI for your organisation and your next steps.   Use Calculator 
Dynamics CRM and PNMsoft SCE complement each other’s feature sets, resulting in a strong Case Management suite: Webinar (46 minutes)