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True iBPM

Sequence™ by PNMSoft is an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) that enables organizations to drive their architecture forward by simplifying complex workflows. Using the unique HotChange® technology, PNMsoft Sequence™ enables rapid build and change of high availability, mobile enabled workflow applications, while maintaining development lifecycle governance. PNMsoft is the leading BPM software provider for Microsoft platforms.

Key IT Differentiators

Among BPM software products, Sequence is the top Microsoft-based BPM product which is classified by analysts as an Intelligent BPM (iBPM) suite. That means that it includes next-generation BPM features which are only available in today’s leading BPM solutions, such as mobility, social features, intelligent analytics and more:

  • The ability to rapidly implement frequent process changes while maintaining control
  • Wizard-based integration of advanced business process applications into Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure, thereby leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Enterprise Process Mobility, achieved using ProcessTO GO, Sequence’s mobile BPM solution (which works on all smartphone and tablet devices)
  • Increased collaboration between teams, with Sequence’s industry-leading Social BPM features
  • Rich visual dashboards for KPI, and intelligent analytics which help improve processes in real-time
  • Powerful form design capabilities, for an enhanced end-user experience, using Sequence Kinetic’s .NET-based, Ajax-enabled UX Studio
  • Greatly reduced time-to-solution for BPM application development teams who will have access to Sequence’s out-of-the box BPM tool set
  • Cost-effective deployment on-premises or SaaS over a secure Azure Cloud platform, and integration with Microsoft Online products


Customizable rule engine ideally suited to verify and automate compliance with:

  • ISO standards
  • Government regulations
  • Safety and financial audits
  • Financial regulation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Corporate compliance

Customer Service

  • Scans customer inputs from a variety of channels (letters, emails, web forms, smart phones)
  • Identifies key information and routes customer requests to the correct party according to business logic
  • Ensures that customer requests are handled promptly and in accordance with correct governance
  • Provides visibility to management with rich monitoring tools
  • Enables customers to track their requests online
  • Seamlessly integrates with ERP, CRM, and Case Management systems

Defense and Emergency

  • manages operational control in multiple locations, each with its own responsibility and role in the command hierarchy
  • grants each team member the correct level of security clearance and prevents leaks
  • manages logistics operations (e.g. Equipment Damage Assessment, Airfreight Request etc.)


  • Save time and costs by enabling starters productivity from Day 1
  • Save costs on unreturned equipment and continued salaries of leavers
  • Ensure correct governance and compliance with legislation
  • Enable managers to make decisions in real time related to resources
  • Expose HR processes to the entire company


  • Automate processes to ensure staff work more efficiently and effectively
  • Complete client requests in a timely and visible manner
  • Expose the status of requests to clients
  • Provide management with tools for monitoring, reporting and optimisation
  • Ensure compliance with SLAs via a business rule engine

Public Sector

  • Deliver stellar customer service from a central online interface
  • Reduce costs of manual and paper-based procedures
  • Drive efficiency and reduce turn-around-time on requests
  • Increase process visibility with rich visual dashboards
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • Purchase Approval
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • Technical and Commercial Evaluation

Quality Assurance

  • rapidly model and implement QA and Risk Management processes. Managers can track processes via PC or mobile and react to crises quickly

Sales and Marketing

  • RFT/RFP/RFQ Handling
  • Lead Generation
  • Proposals
  • Negotiation and Deal Transaction
  • Account Management
  • New Product Lauch
  • Product Lifecycle Management


  • Automates the charging of fees for online booking by capturing key strokes caused by booking changes initiated by clients
  • Enables agents to notify travellers about unexpected changes via email and SMS
  • A set of business rules which determine HR trip approval and seat class based on rank and destination
  • Aggregates and monitors expenses for agents on the road, manages agency-wide expenses
  • Tracks agent activities and commissions and ensures they are paid for their effort
  • Provides a user-friendly interface which facilitates fielding customer complaints, issues and changes

BPM Intelligent Architecture (5′)