Intelligent Business Process Management

Businesses are realizing that their processes must be more agile. No longer can fully automated, linear processes answer the needs of optimization, response to change and organizational connectivity.

The business world requires more advanced capabilities, hence a much more flexible and intelligent solution. Gartner, a leading analyst firm, finds that, “Business leaders … need tools to help manage their processes in a manner that enables them to assess and respond to changing conditions intelligently and swiftly.”

Most businesses are using similar tools to manage operations (CRM, ERP, etc.) – which is why the capability to quickly create unique and innovative processes is so critical in establishing and sustaining a competitive edge.

Linxoft works with organizations to help them understand and implement their business processes.  From supporting them craft processes which help with constantly outsmarting their competition in agility, innovation and market savviness – to implementing those processes using intelligent solutions based on modern platforms. As a result, the organizations may be able to more readily adapt to the changing competitive landscape, avoid challenges and fully leverage opportunities.

Telecom Expertise

Linxoft has deep expertise in deploying and managing the lifecycle of cell sites and wireless network infrastructure through automated processes and intelligent workflows that can rapidly and cost-effectively be integrated with existing processes.

Some of the business capabilities that we support as listed below:

  • Streamline workflows and team collaboration to meet project deadlines and mitigate risks
  • Increase visibility into rollout progress, costs, and internal/external resources’ activities
  • Transition and handover to operations smoothly
  • Easily manage future upgrades and changes by obtaining greater insights into customer base
  • Maximize help desk efficiency by delivering effective customer-facing processes
  • Centralized site lifecycle management
  • Eliminate or reduce application fragmentation
  • Quickly and efficiently integrate into your existing application portfolio
  • Work smarter while accelerating your network launch.

ewCRM (“Enterprise Workflow CRM”)

Linxof’s CRM service offering is based on a simple philosophy: extend the impact of CRM applications by adding enterprise-grade visual workflow capabilities that transcend functional units and technical platform boundaries.

Linxoft understands that business processes are virtually always cross-functional – and has the know-how to extend CRM applications across a company and beyond.

Methodology for BPM Success

Linxoft leverages PNMSoft’s proprietary agile development approach: Evolutionary BPM™. 

This approach involves process design and implementation that is carried out in rapid iterative steps. PNMsoft’s unique HotChange® technology enables our team to achieve such rapid development. HotChange® means that business process applications can be quickly modified while in production – which means maximum flexibility to handle real life changes.

Each step along the way, Linxoft provides value and results, according to changing business conditions and needs. The path to success is clear and attainable.


  •  NetQ Suite for Telecom
  • iBPM Suite