Linxoft is first and foremost a business solutions provider.  Our team of experienced functional experts, architects and developers work collaboratively with current and future customers to understand their business needs and provide solutions in response to those needs.

Linxoft specializes in domains that are critical in this day and age: Business Process Management, Governance (specifically Quality and Optimization) and Location Intelligence.  Aside from its own solution portfolio, Linxoft is always evaluating and bringing to its customers compelling 3rd party enterprise-grade software to accelerate time-to-value.


Solutions that we propose to our customers must:

  • resolve critical business pain points
  • be easy to use, easy to integrate and relatively affordable
  • be extensible, scalable, secure and flexible
  • be current (cloud, mobile, collaboration, social etc.)
  • facilitate innovation

Professional Services: Results-Driven

In collaboration with our strategic partners we bring a continuum of professional services that are designed to offer the precise kind and level of assistance our customers need.  Our model is driven by Accountability and Partnership – our teams are measured and compensated according to your success through results-sharing agreements.

Contact Us today to find out more which of our professional services best fit your project requirements.

Brief History

Software Quality Governance and Intelligent BPM solutions are added to Linxoft’s portfolio through worldwide Value Added Reseller Agreements with strategic partners.
Linxoft already serves customers in North America, Europe and the Middle East.
Major push into Location Intelligence, notably augmenting the Telecom solutions.  
The company’s domain expertise extends to Insurance, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Government.
Linxoft expands into software development, mainly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Modelling (BPM), with an initial focus on the Telecommunications industry.
Linxoft Solutions Inc. makes its debut as an SAP-focused IT Consulting firm HQ-ed in the Greater Vancouver area, Canada.